PASS-Passenger Assessment Security System (TSA Approved AIM Program)
Interviewer Course- TSA/AOSSP Chapter 11 (SD/EA) Compliant
Assessor Course
Behavior Detection Officer (BDO)
Our objective:

To train agents to detect and select potentially threatening passengers for further screening only based on perceived intentions, and NOT based on ethnicity, race or religion


These courses were originally designed for US carriers operating to and from international locations classified by the US government as “extraordinary” or High Threat. The ISDS Profiler Courses are considered to be the most advance and effective course in the aviation security industry today. This course meets or exceeds all international standards.

The ISDS program is currently being used successfully by some of the major international airlines, airport security and customs agents around the world. Our program will guarantee you a security operation that is able to deter and eliminate all threats, from terrorism and narcotics smuggling to illegal immigration.

Our system was developed by incorporating 35 years of El Al security experience with specific updated regional knowledge of US, European, Asian, African, South American and Caribbean operations. Our system includes identifying and developing specific procedures and practices to respond and pre-empt regional and country specific threats.

The ISDS Passenger behavior detection system is based on giving agents the ability to assess persons and situations based on pattern recognition and deviations from the norm determined to be the norm.

With focus on analyzing travel documentation, travel patterns, behavioral signs, and body language “higher risk” individuals can quickly be identified. This gives the ability of law enforcement agencies with limited resources and personnel to concentrate on higher risk individuals. The system concept designed for implementation with travelers as well as employees working in key sensitive areas.

The class complies with the US government (TSA) extraordinary international location training requirements as well as DfT and ICAO standards.

In addition, a thorough travel documents forgery and international immigration requirements seminar will be included in the class.