Emergency Response Planning

ICAO mandates an annual complete and thorough aircraft fire and rescue drill for all staff responsible for the air crashes and rescue activities at the airports. ISDS highly experienced consultants will assist local authorities involved in the development, planning and logistical support for the proper execution and monitoring of the drill.
The consultants with the assistance of the CAA will setup, plan and develop the emergency exercises, will monitor its execution and record the actual exercise.


At the end of the drill the consultants will prepare a detained report summarizing the results of the drill highlighting any shortcomings and make recommendations for improvement. If permitted, a video recording of all aspects of the exercise for future training will be produced. Hopefully, we will never experience a true emergency, serious accident, fatality, a crippling property damage incident, or mission threatening negative publicity. A clean record does not guarantee a smooth future. Recent events such as bombing and hijacking remind us of the importance of having an Airport Emergency Plan. The best way to test our Plan and crisis team is to conduct Emergency Response drills.

To simulate real-life crisis situations that might occur in the aviation arena
Test and evaluate current contingency plans and implementation
Make recommendations for improving procedures and coordination