Cargo Screener (TSA compliant)
Manual Search/X-ray Screener/ETD Screener

On average thirty five percent of the aircraft payload is cargo and the volume of air cargo being transported world-wide is constantly on the increase, emphasizing its susceptibility and status as being the weak point of an aviation security regime.

Although new technologies available, screening and searching of cargo presents distinctive problems, including cost and complication of different methods of screening technologies; as well as problems caused by volume, time limits, and pressure on airlines’ assets.

According to all law enforcements agencies, Cargo will most probably be the next target in aviation. Using it for bombing, carrying nuclear or biological agents in a consignment.
To date approximately 85% of drugs smuggled through aviation are done in cargo.

This unique three and an half day training seminar feature informative lectures, multimedia presentations, discussions, and expert analysis.

The class is in accordance with US government (TSA – AOSSP) , DfT and ICAO requirements.