Quality Assurance

Auditors will perform detailed checks and assessments and will make recommendations on the effectiveness of the aviation industry at your location.
All areas of regulatory, operational requirements and standards will be reviewed and upon completion an audit report will be submitted.

quality_assuranceThe audits will enable you to know what is imminent, means that you could apply the new measures rapidly but in a planned manner, rather than just shift all your resources from one place to the other to keep up with regulatory changes.

Ensuring your airport is in compliance with ICAO and your Civil Aviation Administration standards


Areas to be checked:

  • Regulatory manuals
  • Policies and Procedures


  • Terminal security


  • Checkpoint security


  • Airline security
  • Land/Air side  segregation
  • Baggage security
  • Passengers handling
  • Cargo
  • Catering
  • Sterile area security
  • Ramp/tarmac security
  • Perimeter security
  • Equipment effectiveness