Security Manager

Airline & Airport Manager

This class will enable your managers to assume a leadership role, conduct local and on the job training. They will get all the essential tools to develop into security professionals, able to perform quality assurance drills and audits within your organization.

The training will last 5 days and include the following subjects:
  • Government Organizations
  • Air and sea port operation
  • Security management
  • Threat Assessment
  • ICAO, IMO, TSA, DfT and IATA standards
  • Terrorism and drug smuggling update
  • Studies from the past
  • Passenger Assessment techniques
  • Travel documents forgery Detection
  • Passports and tickets concerns
  • Passenger & baggage search techniques
  • Crisis management
  • Emergency response planning
  • Security coordination
  • Reporting structures
  • Access control Systems
  • Technology Familiarization
  • Budget planning
  • Recruitment
  • Quality assurance audits and tests
  • Cargo & catering security