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Keeping the aviation industry, passengers, crew and employees safe…


A fever is the primary indication of a contagion being present. WelloStation provides a quick, automated, no touch body temperature screening for passengers, crews and airport workers. The system is highly portable and can be deployed at multiple locations around an airport or on a aircraft. Stop contagions from entering your aircraft and facilities by fever screening.


  • Screening Persons at Check-in.
  • Screening Persons at Boarding Gate. Screening Persons well 22
    at Door of the aircraft.
  • Screening Persons entering or exiting Terminal.
  • Screening Persons entering facilities.


  • MRZ, QR Code and RFID reading capability.
  • Wireless Connectivity – Worldwide Cloud Access.wello 3
  • Customizable data-base with automated reporting tools.
  • User Friendly Interface with clear feed back.
  • Rugged Hardware with ability to operate in harsh environments.



  • No Touch Fever Scan.
  • Rapid FEVER or NO FEVER Notification.
  • Fever Scan Data Recorded and Linked to Passenger & Passport Data.
  • Photograph and Data Storage.
  • Accurateto0.10°cI0.18°F.
  • HIPAA Compliant  cloud powered.
  • Tracing and Investigative Tools.
  • Environmentally Friendly.