Bomb Identification & Disposal

Aviation & Maritime

A Comprehensive Training Program On The Identification And Detection Of Bombs And Other Incendiary Devices. Enable Participants To Be Proficient In Detecting Improvised Explosive Devices At International Airports. Provide Participants With The Tools Necessary In Deciding Whether The Threats Are Credible And What Course Of Action Should Be Taken.

  • Basic explosives theory
  • Identification and safe treatment
  • Basic comprehension of regulations
  • Recognition of common military demolition and material
  • Understanding of demolition range rulesv
  • Rules and regulations major explosives disposal
  • Initiation and utilization of explosive demolition charges
  • Triggering methods for improvised explosive devices
  • Construction of IEDs
  • Hand dismantling of IEDs
  • Understanding of building, vehicle, and aircraft search techniques
Training on use of the following EOD unit equipment
  1. Robotics
  2. Radiography (x-ray)
  3. Hook and line techniques
  4. Water gun disruptor
  5. Specialized explosive charges
  6. Bomb suit and bomb suit communications
  7. Vehicle opening kits
  8. Execute render-safe procedures of IED incidents
  9. Basic knowledge of post blast scene investigations